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Do it yourself, this seems to be the phrase I have stumbled on in the last few months. I find myself presented with a project, which I should be able to undergo more often than not. It's great to be self-sufficient, I cannot argue with that. The sense of accomplishment, pride and joy in the final product is possibly what keeps anyone striving through small but challenging projects.

However I frequently find my self almost infuriated by the requirements of such tasks. Sometimes, having felt not only mentally ready but also actually ready with the essentials I purchased for a project, I feel frustrated when faced with the nitty gritty I had forgotten to bear in mind. I seem to find myself having to say things such as; 'No, I do not have four mending braces, or three floral wires and a bone ring'.

Of course one must not oversee the biggest advantage of DIY, it is cheaper than having someone else do it for you. Also, it is not just a way to solve problems but a nice way to occupy oneself.

Saying that I do not want to do anything myself would be simply wrong, it is the commercial side of the whole idea that I do not enjoy. If I wanted to make myself a jewelry display I would prefer to do so myself, and would not use a set of step by step instructions to make my jewelry display look exactly like someone else's. If I was going to spend some time to make something for myself from scratch, I would like it to be mine; my ideas, my mistakes, my flaws and my creativity.

Society has evolved in such a way that someone telling you to "do it yourself" no longer offends anyone. As liberal as this might seem, one cannot help but wonder if this is a change for the better. The three-letter abbreviation seems to be a newly developed solution for our daily problems: sorting out ones needs and desires without bothering anyone.

"What's so great about do-it-yourself
They say that it's fun and good for your health
They say it saves money
And helps you make friends
And is the ideal way to spend a weekend

My memory's blank
I got hit by a plank
That was balanced on some blocks
I stumbled and flailed
And got stuck on some nails
Hidden inside the shed's box

Now I'm lying in bed
Bandaged, half dead
I look a bit like a mummy
Yes you may laugh
As I have my spongebath
But I'm telling you that it isn't funny

They said do-it-yourself
So I did it myself
And do it I did and it never got done
Now because I tried to build a shed
I'm lying in a hospital bed
And I can tell you it sure wasn't fun

As if that wasn't enough
When it was finally up
The roof decided to fall off

And as for the shed
It's now down the tip
I should have built myself
A pyramid.

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